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To truly  appreciate any discipline you best become an active participant.  As a would be artist I have used several different media, studied multiple artists, and enjoyed the talents of my peers.   My wife, Kay, who had been taking lessons for sometime before I "retired" was instrumental in getting me involved in the discipline of painting and associated activities such as; travel, photography, and study of art history.  Through out time  art has provided a venue for individual to express themselves and project their persona.       

Most of my "formal" training was via excursions to painterly locations under the tutelage of Johnnie Liliedahl.   My wife and I have made painting journeys to St Croix, Scotland, Island of Kaua'i, and two trips to France.  

As an individual I appreciate and enjoy nature.  As an artist I endeavor to perceive and capture the essence and beauty of nature.
      " Art is man's attempt to imitate the beauty of the Creator's hand."
                                               -   The Da Vinci Code

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